CBSE Class 11th Physics: Chapter-Wise Mind Map & Important Formulas

CBSE Class 11th Physics: Chapter-Wise Mind Map & Important Formulas

In This Post I Have Provided Concept Maps For Class 11 Physics and comprehensive revision tools for Competitive Exams. This class 11th Physics maps will help the students to develop Their sophisticated thinking and also help them to assess what they are learning In Physics.

We are tried to combine and encapsulate the entire information Chapter-wise and concepts in an effective and interesting manner for the better understanding for students.

CBSE Class 11th Physics Term-1 2021-22: Topic-Wise MCQs, Case-Based & Assertion/Reason

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CBSE Class 11th Chemistry Term-1 2021-22: Topic-Wise MCQs, Case-Based & Assertion/Reason 

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CBSE Class 11 Term-1 Maths 2021-22: Topic-Wise MCQs, Case-Based & Assertion/Reason

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CBSE Class 11th Biology Term-1 2021-22: Topic-Wise MCQs, Case-Based And Assertion/Reason

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Given Below Are The Class 11th Physics Chapter Name With Respective Download Links Containing Study Material:

Chapter Name Download Links
1. Physical World Click Here
2. Units And Measurements Click Here
3. Motion In a Straight Line Click Here
4. Motion In a Plane Click Here
5. Laws Of Motion Click Here
6. Work, Energy And Power Click Here
7. System Of Particles And Rotational Motion Click Here
8. Gravitation Click Here
9. Mechanical Properties Of Solids Click Here
10. Mechanical Properties Of Fluids Click Here
11. Thermal Properties Of Matter Click Here
12. Thermodynamics Click Here
13. Kinetic Theory Click Here
14. Oscillations Click Here
15. Waves Click Here


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