Chapter-6(Work, Energy and Power)

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A collision is said to be occur between two or more bodies, either if they physically collide against each other or if the path of one is affected by the force exerted by the other. For collision take place, the actual physical contact is not necessary. In Rutherford’s scattering experiment, α-particle get scattered due to

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Power of a person or machine is defined as the time rate at which work is done or energy is transferred by it. If a person does work W in time t, then its average power is Instantaneous Power The instantaneous power of an agent is defined as the limiting value of the average power

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Various Forms Of Energy

Energy can manifest itself in many forms. Some of these forms are as- (I) Mechanical Energy The sum of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy is called mechanical energy. Kinetic Energy is due to its motion while Potential Energy is due to its position or configuration. (II) Internal Energy When the molecules of a body vibrate

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