Chapter-10(Mechanical Properties of Fluids)

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The term capilla means hair which is Latin word. A tube of very fine(hair like) bore is called capillary tube. If a capillary tube of glass is dipped in liquid like water, the liquid rises in the tube, but when the capillary tube is dipped in a liquid like mercury, the level of the liquid […]

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Angle of contact 1

Angel Of Contact

The liquid surface is usually curved, when it is in contact with a solid. The particular shape that it takes place depends on the relative strengths of cohesive and adhesive forces. If (I) Adhesive force > Cohesive force, then liquid wets the solid surface and has concave meniscus. (II) Adhesive force < Cohesive force, then

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Surface Energy 1

Surface Energy

The free surface of a liquid always has a tendency to contract and possess minimum surface area. If it is required to increase the surface area of a liquid at a constant temperature, work has to be done. This work done is stored in the surface film of the liquid as its potential energy. This

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Surface Tension

Surface Tension

A steel needle may be made to float on water through the Steel is more dense than water. This is because the water surface acts as a stretched elastic membrane and supports the needle. This property of a liquid is called surface tension. Surface tension is the property by virtue of which the free surface

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Hydrostatic Paradox

Hydrostatic Paradox

We will take three vessels A, B and C of different shapes which are open both at the top and the bottom ends. These vessels are connected with a common pipe at the bottom. Now, we will fill the three vessels with the same liquid. The reading, we note that pressure will be same even

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