Surface Tension

Surface Tension

A steel needle may be made to float on water through the Steel is more dense than water. This is because the water surface acts as a stretched elastic membrane and supports the needle. This property of a liquid is called surface tension. Surface tension is the property by virtue of which the free surface …

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CBSE class 12 hindi

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Competency Based Questions 2024 PDF Download

If you are preparing for CBSE Class 12 Hindi board examination in 2024, Then this post is for you that The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has officially released Competency Focused Practice Questions with details Answers. In this article I am delivering you the significance of these practice questions for Board Exams 2024 and …

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Hydrostatic Paradox

Hydrostatic Paradox

We will take three vessels A, B and C of different shapes which are open both at the top and the bottom ends. These vessels are connected with a common pipe at the bottom. Now, we will fill the three vessels with the same liquid. The reading, we note that pressure will be same even …

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Pascal27s Law 2

Pascal’s Law

The French scientist Blaise Pascal observed that pressure in a liquid at rest is the same at all point if they are at the same height. This is known as Pascal’s law. Proof Of Pascal’s Law It can be proved by using two principles as Now we consider an element in the interior of a …

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Pressure 1


The pressure of liquid at a point is the thrust (or normal force) exerted by the liquid at rest per unit area around that point. If the total force F acts normally over a flat area A, then the pressure is If the force is not distributed uniformly over the given surface, the pressure will …

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