Chapter-3(Motion in a Straight Line)

Relative Velocity

Relative Velocity

Relative velocity is a measurement of velocity of an object with respect to other observer. It is defined as the time rate of change of relative position of one object with respect to another. Case-I : When the two objects move with same velocity in the same direction. Since, VA = VB ⇒VA-VB=0, then the […]

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Acceleration 1


The existence of acceleration was given by Galileo in his different thoughts. Acceleration of a body can be expressed as the rate of change of velocity with time. By acceleration, we can understand that how fast or slow the velocity of an object is changing. Acceleration is a vector quantity. Its SI unit is m/s²

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Speed And Velocity

Speed And Velocity

Speed The distance covered by an object divided by the time taken by the object to cover that distance is called the speed of that object. It is a scalar quantity. Its SI unit is m/s and dimensional formula is [M⁰LT⁻¹]. Uniform Speed If an object covers equal distance in equal interval of time, then

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