Chapter-7(Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion)

Rollingmotion 1

Rolling Motion

Rolling motion can be regarded as the combination of pure rotation and pure translation. The wheels of all vehicles running on a road have rolling motion. Let a disc of radius R rolling on a road without slipping. This means that at any instant of time the bottom of the disc which is in contact […]

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Workdonebytorque 1

Work Done By A Torque

Let a body undergoes an angular displacement ∆θ under the action of a tangential force F. NCERT Class 11 Physics Book PDF Free Download Also Read SL Arora Class 11 Physics Book PDF Free Download All In One Arihant Class 11 Physics Book PDF Free Download NCERT Class 11 Physics Hand Written Notes Chapter-Wise

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Radius Of Gyration 1

Radius Of Gyration (k)

The radius of gyration of a body about its axis of rotation may be define as the distance from the axis of rotation at which, if the whole mass of the body were concentrated, its moment of inertia about the given axis would be the same as with the actual distribution of mass. When the

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Moment of inertia

Moment Of Inertia

The property of a body by virtue of which, it opposes the torque tending to change its state of rest or of uniform rotation about an axis is called rotational inertia or moment of inertia. Let a rigid body rotating with uniform angular velocity ω about a vertical axis through O. Let the body consists

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Principleofmoment 1

Principle of Moment

When an object is in rotational equilibrium, then algebraic sum of all torques acting on it zero. Clock-wise torques are taken negative and Anti clock-wise torques are taken positive. We consider a rod of negligible mass is provided at some point like a see-saw or a lever. Pivot of lever is called fulcrum. NCERT Class

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