NCERT 12th Physics Chapter-14

Solar cell

Solar Cell

Solar cell is a PN junction diode, which converts Solar energy into electrical energy. Its symbol is- Construction It consist of silicons or Gallium-Arsenide PN junction diode packed in a glass window on the top. The n-region has small thickness and p-region has large thickness. n-region made thin, So that light falling on the solar …

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A photodiode is a special type of junction diode used for convert light energy into electrical energy or detecting optical signals. It is a reverse biased PN junction made from a photosensitive materials. In photodiode, current careers are generated by photons through photo excitation. Its symbol is- Construction Photo diode fabricated with a transparent cover …

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LED: Light Emitting Diode

It is heavily dopped PN junction diode which converts electrical energy into light energy. This diode emits spontaneous radiation under forward biasing. Its symbol is- Working When PN junction is forward biased, electrons and holes move toward opposite sides of the junction through it. Therefore, there are excess minority careers on the either side of …

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Optoelectronic junction devices

Optoelectronic Junction Devices

Semiconductor diode in which carriers are generated by photons i.e photo excitation, such devices are known as optoelectronic devices. These devices are- (I) Light Emitting Diode (LED) (II) Photodiode (III) Solar Cell Also Read: CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter-14 (Semiconductor and Electronic Devices) All Topics

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Zener Diode

Special Purpose P-N Junction Diode (Zener Diode) A Junction diode specially designed to operate only in the reverse breakdown region continuously without getting damaged is called zener diode. Zener diode with different breakdown voltages can be obtained by changing the doping concentrations of p and n side which in terms change the width of depletion …

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Filter Circuit

In order to get the study DC output from the pulsating voltage, normally a capacitor is connected to the output terminals. An inductor can also be used in series for the same purpose.


P-n Junction

P-N junction is an arrangement made by a close contact of n-type semiconductor and p-type semiconductor.

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