Various Forms Of Energy

Energy can manifest itself in many forms. Some of these forms are as-

(I) Mechanical Energy

The sum of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy is called mechanical energy. Kinetic Energy is due to its motion while Potential Energy is due to its position or configuration.

(II) Internal Energy

When the molecules of a body vibrate with respect to another, the molecules possess potential energy due to their location against the intermolecular forces and possess kinetic energy because of motion. The sum of kinetic energy and potential energy of all the molecules of the body is called internal energy.

(III) Heat Energy

A body possess heat energy due to the disorderly motion of its molecules. Heat energy is also related to the internal energy of the body.

In winter, we generate heat by rubbing our hand against each other.

(IV) Chemical Energy

A stable chemical compound has laser energy than its constituent atoms. The difference being in the arrangement and motion of electron in the compound. This difference is called chemical energy.

(V) Electrical Energy

Electric Charges and current attract or repel each other i.e they exert forces on each other. Work has to be done to move charges with respect to one another. The energy associated with this work is called electrical energy.

(VI) Nuclear Energy

When U²³⁵ nucleus breaks up into lighter nuclei on being bombarded by a slow neutron, a tremendous amount of heat is released. This energy is called nuclear energy.

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