CBSE Class 12 Home Science Term-1 2021-22: 100 Most Imp MCQs Questions With Answers

CBSE Class 12 Home Science Term-1 2021-22: 100 Most Imp MCQs Questions With Answers

As we know that CBSE Class 12 Home Science Term-1 exam is scheduled to be held on 22 December 2021. From now only a few days have left for the Home Science term-1 examination 2021-22. That is why here we are providing the full resources for CBSE Class 12 Home Science Term-1 Examination 2021-22. These are absolutely free of cost and can be very helpful for the candidates preparing for the term-1 examination 2021-22 for Home Science.

1. RDA’s for Indian women are based on reference woman who has

(A) Bodyweight 50 kg and height 1.40 m
(B) Bodyweight 55 kg and height 1.61 m
(C) Bodyweight 48 kg and height 1.56 m
(D) Bodyweight 52 kg and height 1.37 m

Answer: (B) Bodyweight 55 kg and height 1.61 m

2. In India, health care is provided at three levels. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(A) Primary level- PHC
(B) Secondary level- CHC
(C) Tertiary level- CHC
(D) Tertiary level-AIIMS

Answer: (C) Tertiary level- CHC

3. Which of the following is not a theory of clothing?

(A) Modesty
(B) Individuality
(C) Protection
(D) Adornment

Answer: (B) Individuality

4. Normal BMI for adult Asians as suggested by WHO is

(A) 18 – 23 kg/m2
(B) 19 – 24 kg/m2
(C) 20 – 25 kg/m2
(D) 21 – 26 kg/m2

Answer: (A) 18 – 23 kg/m2

5. While assessing the nutritional status of a patient which factor is not considered by the clinical nutritionist?

(A) Anthropometric measurements
(B) Detailed information on diet and medication histories
(C) Relating the information on laboratory and physical measurements
(D) Diet survey

Answer: (D) Diet survey

6. Attitudes, feelings and interests are:

(A) Cognitive component
(B) Physical component
(C) Temporal component
(D) Affective component

Answer: (D) Affective component

7. Marionettes are also called

(A) String puppets
(B) Rod puppets
(C) Shadow puppets
(D) Finger puppets

Answer: (A) String puppets

8. Sociometry is a tool to measure child’s

(A) Intelligence level
(B) Behaviour problems
(C) Relationship with peers
(D) Relationship with parents

Answer: (C) Relationship with peers

9. Anaemia caused by Vitamin B-12 deficiency is

(A) Megaloblastic
(B) Pernicious
(C) Sickle cell
(D) All the above

Answer: (B) Pernicious

10. Total parenteral nutrition involves

(A) Use of the large central vein to deliver life-sustaining nourishment
(B) Use of peripheral veins to deliver nourishment
(C) Ingestion of food through the oral route
(D) Use of a tube to deliver full fluid or commercial formulae

Answer: (A) Use of the large central vein to deliver life-sustaining nourishment

11. Which is the key sector of ICDS to provide preschool education in remote areas?

(A) Aganwadis
(B) Training institutes
(C) Crèche
(D) Day care centres

Answer: (A) Aganwadis

12. Salt is added in dyeing for

(A) Absorption
(B) Exhaustion
(C) Solubility
(D) All the above

Answer: (B) Exhaustion

13. A bedspread used for ceremonial occasions made with Kantha Embroidery

(A) Sujani
(B) Suber
(C) Sanchi
(D) Sangli

Answer: (A) Sujani

14. Codex India is located at

(A) Ministry of food processing Industries
(B) Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
(C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(D) Directorate General of Health

Answers: (C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

15. Which of the following is not a plain weave fabric?

(A) Percale
(B) Calico
(C) Drill
(D) Chintz

Answer: (C) Drill

16. Bacteria multiply quickly in the Food temperature Danger zone. What is the temperature range
of this?

(A) 2 ͦ C-30 ͦ C
(B) 5 ͦ C-60 ͦ C
(C) 4 ͦ C-50 ͦ C
(D) 6 ͦ C-70 ͦ C

Answer: (B) 5 ͦ C-60 ͦ C

17. In the study of language the terms surface structure and deep structure can be associated with

(A) Albert Bandura
(B) Noam Chomsky
(C) Jane Elliot
(D) B.F. Skinner

Answer: (B) Noam Chomsky

18. From which plant source gluten is derived?

(A) Soya
(B) Rice
(C) Corn
(D) Wheat

Answer: (D) Wheat

19. “Young children have different ways of understanding the world and they need a supportive environment”. Name the psychologist who gave this theory.

(A) Piaget
(B) Maria Montessori
(C) Vygotsky
(D) Sigmund Freud

Answer: (A) Piaget

20. β-carotene in the body changes into Retinol in

(A) Liver
(B) Pancreas
(C) Gall Bladder
(D) Intestine

Answer: (A) Liver

21. The Factories Act 1948 makes sure that there is a facility of ________ on the work premises.

(A) Canteen
(B) Shade
(C) Creche
(D) First aid

Answer: (C) Creche

22. LEAF stands for

(A) Lasting Ecologically Apparels and Fabrics
(B) Lean Ecological Apparel and Fashion
(C) Latest Ecologically Approved Fashion
(D) Labelling Ecologically Approved Fabrics

Answer: (D) Labelling Ecologically Approved Fabrics

23. The set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into semi-finished and finished products are

(A) Food science
(B) Food Manufacturing
(C) Food Processing
(D) Food Technology

Answer: (C) Food Processing

24. Serum Vitamin D level ______ are indicative of sub-clinical Vitamin D deficiency.

(A) < 20 ng/dl
(B) < 10 ng/dl
(C) < 30 ng/dl
(D) < 5 ng/dl

Answer: (A) < 20 ng/dl

25. The process of cutting materials by means of a high-velocity jet of high temperature ionized gas (argon) is called

(A) Laser cutting
(B) Water jet cutting
(C) Plasma cutting
(D) Die-cutting

Answer: (C) Plasma cutting

26. Which of the following is not the function of HACCP?

(A) Preventive approach to ensure food safety
(B) Enables only producers to utilise resources efficiently
(C) Assures consistently good quality products
(D) Detect hazards at any stage of processing or manufacturing of food

Answer: (B) Enables only producers to utilise resources efficiently

27. HDL is synthesized and secreted from

(A) Pancreas
(B) Liver
(C) Kidneys
(D) Muscles

Answer: (B) Liver

28. Tube feeding is also known as

(A) Parenteral nutrition
(B) Total parenteral nutrition
(C) Enteral nutrition
(D) Supplemental nutrition

Answer: (C) Enteral nutrition

29.After surgery of the stomach, your grandfather is unconscious, which mode of feeding would be preferred for him and why?

(A) Oral feeding and easy to chew
(B) Tube feeding and easy to digest
(C) Intravenous feeding and getting nourishment
(D) Nasogastric feeding and nutrition

Answer: (C) Intravenous feeding and getting nourishment

30. The fortificant used in iodized salt is

(A) Sodium iodide
(B) Potassium iodate
(C) Sodium iodate
(D) Potassium iodide

Answer: (B) Potassium iodate

31. Gluten-Free Diet (GFD) is given to patients with

(A) Crohn’s Disease
(B) Celiac Disease
(C) Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)
(D) Liver Disease

Answer: (B) Celiac Disease

32. In which year the first SOS village was set up in India and who were the beneficiaries?

(A) 1954 and disabled children
(B) 1964 and abandoned children
(C) 1965 and special needs children
(D) 1963 and juvenile delinquents

Answer: (B) 1964 and abandoned children

33. Moderate hearing loss is indicated when a child can hear only at

(A) 26-40 decibel
(B) 41-55 decibel
(C) 56-70 decibel
(D) 71-90 decibel

Answer: (B) 41-55 decibel

34. Which of the following is not a simple yarn?

(A) Single
(B) Textured
(C) Ply
(D) Cable

Answer: (B) Textured

35. Sun-drying is the oldest method of food preservation. Which principle of food preservation is involved in it?

(A) Lowering of temperature
(B) Reduction of pH
(C) Removal of water
(D) Controlling the availability of oxygen

Answer: (C) Removal of water

36. The isoelectric point at which maximum coagulation of milk protein takes place:

(A) 4.2 pH
(B) 4.6 pH
(C) 5.4 pH
(D) 6.6 pH

Answer: (B) 4.6 pH

37. Which of the following is not a feature of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?

(A) Minimize false labelling
(B) Consumer protection
(C) Eliminate contamination
(D) Mislead consumer

Answer: (D) Mislead consumer

38. _______ is a systematic arrangement and display of visual materials under a roof to create awareness and arouse interest in the minds of the learners about an idea.

(A) Demonstrations
(B) Black Board
(C) Posters
(D) Exhibition

Answer: (D) Exhibition

39. The degree of polymerization for polyester ranges between

(A) 50 – 70
(B) 90 – 115
(C) 115 – 140
(D) 140 – 165

Answer: (C) 115 – 140

40. Your sister has completed her diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics. Choose from the following options that are available to her to start her career?

(A) School counsellor
(B) Research and development and Nutraceuticals
(D) In Agriculture Industry

Answer: (B) Research and development and Nutraceuticals

41. The level of Intelligent Quotient of an educable mentally challenged child is

(A) 0 – 25
(B) 50 – 75
(C) 25 – 50
(D) 75 – 100

Answer: (D) 75 – 100

42. When black colour is added to any colour it is called

(A) Chroma
(B) Tint
(C) Shade
(D) Colour value

Answer: (C) Shade

43. Which of the following act as biological catalysts to accelerate chemical reactions in food?

(A) Pesticides
(B) Exposure to light
(C) Enzymes
(D) Moisture

Answer: (C) Enzymes

44. Vanaspati is an adulterant in

(A) Malt
(B) Haldi
(C) Ghee and butter
(D) Saffron

Answer: (C) Ghee and butter

45. The following food is a rich source of retinol:

(A) Milk
(B) Carrot
(C) Spinach
(D) Soyabean

Answer: (A) Milk

46. Test to assess PEM in children in early stages is by

(A) Biochemical tests
(B) Anthropometry
(C) Pathological tests
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Anthropometry

47. Name the agency which set up guidelines for adoption to safeguard the Welfare and Rights of children.


Answer: (B) CARA

48. Disability in reading is called

(A) Hemophilia
(B) Dyslexia
(C) Aphasia
(D) Dysgraphia

Answer: (B) Dyslexia

49. The Emulsifier used in mayonnaise is

(A) Myoglobin
(B) Cellulose
(C) Soya protein
(D) Lecithin

Answer: (D) Lecithin

50. The period of the human embryo is

(A) 2 – 4 weeks
(B) 1 – 8 weeks
(C) 2 – 8 weeks
(D) 2 – 6 weeks

Answer: (C) 2 – 8 weeks

51. Which of the following is not a design repeat?

(A) Half drop
(B) Heald
(C) Mirror
(D) Satin

Answer: (B) Heald

52. Which of the following can finish hundreds of garments at one time by a single operator?

(A) Carousel jeans finisher
(B) Steam dolly
(C) Tunnel finisher
(D) Suction counter table

Answer: (C) Tunnel finisher

53. Conversation is a

(A) Listening skill
(B) Intellectual skill
(C) Expressive skill
(D) Receptive skill

Answer: (C) Expressive skill

54. The principle of operation of an electric water heater is by

(A) Convection
(B) Radiation
(C) Conduction
(D) Induction

Answer: (D) Induction

55. The S.N.F. of standard milk should be as follows:

(A) 8.5%
(B) 7.2%
(C) 6.5%
(D) 5.2%

Answer: (A) 8.5%

56. Bending and carrying respectively belong to which kind of effort?

(A) Pedal and Mental
(B) Torsal and Manual
(C) Manual and Pedal
(D) Pedal and Torsal

Answer: (B) Torsal and Manual

57. The following is not a scale of numerical measurement:

(A) Nominal scale
(B) Interval scale
(C) Ordinal scale
(D) Ratio scale

Answer: (A) Nominal scale

58. Following is not a method of nutritional assessment using the Biochemical Method:

(A) Urinary iodine
(B) Haemoglobin estimation
(C) Serum retinol
(D) Blood Pressure

Answer: (D) Blood Pressure

59. Epidioscope is also known as

(A) Opaque projector
(B) Overhead projector
(C) Indirect projector
(D) Slide projector

Answer: (A) Opaque projector

60. Which of the following governs the selection of needles?

(A) Type of thread
(B) Type of fabric
(C) Stitch length
(D) Tension of thread

Answer: (B) Type of fabric

61. Which of the following Food delivery system is used for Hospital inpatients?

(A) Decentralized system
(B) Buffet
(C) Scramble method
(D) Centralised system

Answer: (D) Centralised system

62. Indicate the correct sequence of activities in the Home Management process.

(A) Planning, organization, feedback, implementation.
(B) Planning, organization, implementation, feedback.
(C) Planning, implementation, organization, feedback.
(D) Planning, feedback, organization, implementation.

Answer: (B) Planning, organization, implementation, feedback.

63. What is the primary reason for blanching food?

(A) Cleans the food
(B) Prevents pest infestation
(C) Inactivates enzymes in food
(D) Prevents food from drying

Answer: (C) Inactivates enzymes in food

64. Requirements for a Iron and folic acid pregnant woman are:

(A) 30 mgm and 200 μgm/day
(B) 32 mgm and 250 μgm/day
(C) 35 mgm and 300 μgm/day
(D) 38 mgm and 400 μgm/day

Answer: (D) 38 MGM and 400 μgm/day

65. Releasing pent up emotional energy is

(A) Body control
(B) Emotional Catharsis
(C) Mental Balance
(D) Emotional Security

Answer: (B) Emotional Catharsis

66. Putting the last as first means

(A) Reversals in learning
(B) Destination of man
(C) Blueprint approach
(D) Content centric teaching

Answer: (A) Reversals in learning

67. Which of the following is not a design repeat?

(A) Drop
(B) Mirror
(C) Rotary
(D) Satin

Answer: (C) Rotary

68. The homogenization of milk is done

(A) To destroy the pathogen
(B) To disperse fat molecules
(C) To enhance nutritive quality
(D) To help make cheese

Answer: (B) To disperse fat molecules

69. Approaches to understanding Women’s participation in development have gone through the following phases:

(A) Welfare, Women in Development, Gender and Development
(B) Welfare, Gender and Development, Women in Development
(C) Women in Development, Welfare, Gender and Development
(D) Gender and Development, Women in Development, Welfare

Answer: (A) Welfare, Women in Development, Gender and Development

70. The term ‘Therbligs’ was given by

(A) Prang
(B) Gilbreth
(C) Denmann W. Ross
(D) Mundell

Answer: (B) Gilbreth

71. A group of persons whom an individual consults before taking an important decision is known as

(A) Formal groups
(B) Informal groups
(C) Reference groups
(D) Interest groups

Answer: (C) Reference groups

72. International Literacy Day is celebrated on

(A) 8th September
(B) 8th October
(C) 8th November
(D) 8th August

Answer: (A) 8th September

73. ‘GOTS’ stands for:

(A) Global Ozone Textile Services
(B) Global Organic Textile Standards
(C) Global Organic Textile Specifications
(D) Global Organic Terms and Standards

Answer: (B) Global Organic Textile Standards

74. The recommended height of the work surface in the kitchen for efficient operation is

(A) 4 inches below the elbow
(B) 5 inches below elbow level
(C) 3 inches below elbow level
(D) 6 inches below the elbow

Answer: (C) 3 inches below elbow level

75. Electromyography is a method used for measuring

(A) Muscle fatigue
(B) Electric phenomenon occurring in the muscle
(C) Electric phenomenon occurring in the bones
(D) Efficiency of tissues

Answer: (B) Electric phenomenon occurring in the muscle

76. Which of the following is a stationary knife?

(A) Band
(B) Round
(C) Straight
(D) Die

Answer: (A) Band

77. Eliminating or combining parts of jobs is suggested by incorporating changes in

(A) Tools
(B) Posture
(C) Production sequence
(D) Raw materials

Answer: (C) Production sequence

78. Which of the following holds the bobbin in the sewing machine?

(A) Feed dog
(B) Pressure foot
(C) Oscillating hook
(D) Thread take-up lever

Answer: (C) Oscillating hook

79. One of the motifs used in Bandhani is

(A) Burfi
(B) Ladoo-Jalebi
(C) Vajra
(D) Gopuram

Answer: (B) Ladoo-Jalebi

80. Which of the following garment finishers is used for finishing a number of garments together?

(A) Form press
(B) Tunnel
(C) Buck Press
(D) Die Press

Answer: (B) Tunnel

81. Which of the following does not represent Kasuti Embroidery?

(A) Menthi
(B) Aari
(C) Gavanti
(D) Murgi

Answer: (B) Aari

82. A portion of output reentered as input to affect succeeding output is

(A) Feedback
(B) Deferred resource
(C) Throughput
(D) Black box

Answer: (A) Feedback

83. Colostrum is very good as it is rich in proteins and ________.

(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Minerals
(C) Vitamins
(D) Antibodies

Answer: (D) Antibodies

84. Which of the following is not a hand printing technique?

(A) Duplex
(B) Screen
(C) Block
(D) Stencil

Answer: (A) Duplex

85. Which of the following is a double-pointed dart?

(A) Flange
(B) French
(C) Fish
(D) Dressmakers

Answer: (C) Fish

86. There must be alteration between active play and

(A) Group play
(B) Quiet play
(C) Solitary play
(D) Parallel play

Answer: (B) Quiet play

87. Which of the following is sheared from a living sheep?

(A) Flannel
(B) Fleece
(C) Felt
(D) Moire

Answer: (B) Fleece

88. Rahul ate a sandwich that appeared good and smelled pleasant. Within a few hours he complained of severe stomachache, nausea and vomiting. This could be attributed to:
(A) Food adulteration
(B) Food intoxication
(C) Food infestation
(D) Food contamination

Answer: (B) Food intoxication

89. Maillard reaction takes place in the following cooking procedure:

(A) Prolonged cooking of milk with sugar
(B) Prolonged cooking of milk with salt
(C) Prolonged cooking of milk with vegetables
(D) Prolonged cooking of milk with cereal

Answer: (A) Prolonged cooking of milk with sugar

90. The female sex hormone is

(A) Androgen
(B) Prolactin
(C) Estrogen
(D) Oxytocin

Answer: (C) Estrogen

91. Which is not amongst the four pillars of Ergonomics?

(A) Biometrics
(B) Anthropometry
(C) Physiology
(D) Industrial psychology

Answer: (A) Biometrics

92. A clear fluid diet supplies

(A) Only carbohydrates and calories
(B) Only minerals and vitamins
(C) Only proteins and carbohydrates
(D) Both (A) & (B)

Answer: (D) Both (A) & (B)

93. The ideal size for a flashcard is

(A) 22 × 28 inches
(B) 8 × 10 inches
(C) 10 × 12 inches
(D) 12 × 12 inches

Answer: (C) 10 × 12 inches

94. “The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act” was enacted in

(A) 1986
(B) 1956
(C) 2013
(D) 2012

Answer: (D) 2012

95. Which foodservice system produces food at a central unit and distributes processed food to other smaller units.

(A) Conventional
(B) Assembly line
(C) Commissary
(D) Cook and Chill

Answer: (C) Commissary

96. Generally, visually impaired persons have visual acuity of

(A) 2/200
(B) 20/100
(C) 20/70
(D) 20/200

Answer: (D) 20/200

97. The most durable, long-lasting and low maintenance metal used commonly for construction of household equipment is

(A) Aluminium
(B) Iron
(C) Stainless steel
(D) Copper

Answer: (C) Stainless steel


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