JEE Advanced Physics Study Material 2021 in PDF Formate

JEE Advanced Physics Study Material 2021: Physics Chapter and Class-Wise Objective MCQ’s With Detailed Solutions in PDF:

In in this post I have provide JEE advanced Physics study material class wise for class 11th and 12th and also chapter wise which will help those students who want to good score in their JEE advanced exam 2021.

Kindly click on below links for downloading study material and also in this material there are many types of MCQ’s questions with details solutions in pdf form.

Class 11th

Chapters NameDownload
1. Basic MathsClick Here
2. KinematicsClick Here
3. Newton’s LawsClick Here
4. Work – Power – Energy Click Here
5. Momentum and Center Of MassClick Here
6. Rotational MotionClick Here
7. GravitationClick Here
8. FluidsClick Here
9. Surface TensionClick Here
10. ViscosityClick Here
11. ElasticityClick Here
12. Simple Harmonic MotionClick Here
13. Wave MotionClick Here

Class 12th

Chapters NameDownload
1. Temperature and Thermal ExpansionClick Here
2. CalorimetryClick Here
3. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Gas Laws Click Here
4. First Law of ThermodynamicsClick Here
5. Heat TransferClick Here
6. ElectrostaticsClick Here
7. CapacitorClick Here
8. Current ElectricityClick Here
9. Motion of Charge in Electromagnetic FieldClick Here
10. Magnetic Effect of CurrentClick Here
11. Electromagnetic InductionClick Here
12. Alternating CurrentClick Here
13. Geometrical OpticsClick Here
14. Wave OpticsClick Here
15. Wave-Particle Duality and Atomic PhysicsClick Here
16. Nuclear PhysicsClick Here



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