NTSE Mental Ability Test (MAT) 2022 | Chapter-Wise MCQs With Solution

NTSE Mental Ability Test (MAT) 2022:  Chapter-Wise MCQs With Solution

This post contains NTSE Mental Ability Test (MAT) Chapter-Wise Revision Notes and Important MCQs and Assertion/Reason Based Questions With Solutions/Answer. This section is generally new for all the students as it does not any form and any part of any Board exam syllabus. So, It becomes very important for every student to dedicate more and more time in this section because it will help to all students in scoring Good Marks in board examination.

Given below are the chapters name with their respective down links Containing study materials:

Chapters Name Download Links
1. Series Click Here
2. Alphabet Test Click Here
3. Classification Click Here
4. Analogy Click Here
5. Coding-Decoding Click Here
6. Number and Ranking Click Here
7. Blood Relation Click Here
8. Mathematical Operations Click Here
9. Direction Sense Click Here
10. Venn Diagrams Click Here
11. Time and Clock Click Here
12. Missing Character Click Here
13. Non-Verbal Series Click Here
14. Non-Verbal Classification Click Here
15. Analogy (Non-Verbal) Click Here
16. Incomplete Figure Click Here
17. Mirror And Water Images Click Here
18. Cube and Dice Click Here
19. Paper Folding & Cutting Click Here
20. Embedded Figure Click Here
21. Puzzle Test Click Here
22. Figure Partition and Dot Situation Click Here
23. Cryptography Click Here
24. Syllogisms Click Here
25. Statement & Conclusions Click Here
26. Data Sufficiency Click Here

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a National level scholarship program organized by the Government of India and conducted by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for the exemplary students studying in class 10th.

About NTSE Examination:

The main purpose of NTSE exam to find out the talented student across the country and also find out the talented student who are poor and not able to join in good schools. That is why the Government of India decided to conduct NTSE exams across the country which is controlled by NCERT. Any student who qualify complete NTSE exam they are benefited in the following ways.

1. Qualified students are gets Rs. 1250 per month as a scholarship money for studying in class 11th and 12th.

2. Also undergraduate student are provided Rs. 2000 per month as a scholarship for their study.

NTSE examination are conducted in two phases First Phase is state label and second phase is national level. Any student who want to qualify NTSE examination, then they have to apply the form on going the NCERT websites for the first level. After successfully qualifying to the first level examination the student can take the second stage. Any student who are not qualifying the first stage, they are not able to join the second level examination. This examination is conducted by NCERT once a year.

NTSE Exam Pattern:

NTSE exam complete in two different stages each stage is divided into two different part.

* The first part is known as MAT and second part is known as SAT.

* There are total 100 questions in the test paper which may be ask from different sujects like Science, Mathematics, Social Science.

MAT(Mental Ability Test) – Part-1

The main purpose of this part to judge the mental ability of the students. This section maybe ask different types of questions from logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, hidden figures, classifications etc. There are total 100 questions from this section is asked to the students.

SAT(Scholarship Ability Test) – Part-2

The main purpose of this part to examine the student in the different fields like social science, science etc. In this section the questions may be ask from the syllabus of class 9th and 10th, that is why every student must study In deep for the NTSE examination. The students have only 120 minutes to complete this Section.

Study Material For NTSE Exam:

Any student who want to take this examinations, then for complete information about this examination, student may be visit on NCERT website or Maths And Physics With Pandey Sir website. This website provides to the students important notes and important questions, subject and chapter-wise which are very helpful for the study of NTSE examination. We are also provided different types of questions on this website which is very helpful to the student to analyse itself and practice more and more.


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