CBSE 12th Physics Term 2: Top 2 Marks Imp Questions With Answer

CBSE Class 12th Physics Term-2 2022: 2 Marks Important Questions With Their Answers

In this post I have provided CBSE 12th Physics Term 2, 2 Marks Important Questions with answer. As you know CBSE will conduct Term 2 Physics Board Exam 2022 for class 12 on 20 May 2022. Here all of you can check for additional 2 marks questions with answers and solutions.

CBSE Class 12 Physics
CBSE Class 12 Physics

Given below are the CBSE Class 12 Physics Most Important Questions With Solution.

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Que 1. Write any four properties of EM waves.

Answer : (1) They are transverse in nature. 

(2) They are produced by accelerated charges. 

(3) In an electromagnetic wave, Electric vector E and B magnetic fields oscillate sinusoidally in space and time The oscillating vector E and B are perpendicular to each other, and to the direction of propagation. 

(4) The oscillations of vector E and B are in same phase.

Que 2. Give one use of each of the following

  1. Infrared rays. 
  2. Gamma rays. 
  3. Microwaves. 
  4. UV radiations.

Answer : (i) Infrared rays: It is used for fog or haze photography.

(ii) Gamma rays: If is used in medical treatment.

(iii) Micro-waves: If is used in radio and tele communication.

(iv) Ultraviolet radiations: If is used in sterilization of water.

Que 3. Draw a diagram showing the propagation of EM waves along the x-direction, indicating clearly the directions of electric and magnetic fields associated with it.

Answer :


Que 4. Find the wavelength of em waves of frequency 4 x 109 Hz in free space. Give its two applications.

Answer : 


This wavelength corresponds to microwave region (or short radio waves).

These are used in (i) RADAR (ii) Microwave ovens.

Que 5. Identify the following electromagnetic radiations as per the frequencies given below :

(a) 1020 Hz

(b) 109 Hz

(c)1011 Hz  

Give one application of each.

Answer : 


Que 6. Let the wavelengths of the electromagnetic waves be used quite often for
(i) killing germs in household water purifiers
(ii) remote sensing
(iii) treatment of cancer, be labeled as λ1, λ2, and λ3 in increasing order.

Answer : (i) UV radiation (λ1)

(ii) Microwaves (λ2)

(iii) γ-rays (λ3) The increasing order of wavelength is λ3 < λ1 < λ2.

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Que 7. Give two reasons to explain why a reflecting telescope is preferred over a refracting telescope.

Answer : The reflecting telescopes are preferred over refracting type because of the following reasons:

(i) There is no chromatic aberration in case of reflecting telescopes as the objective is a mirror.

(ii) Spherical aberration is reduced in case of reflecting telescopes by using mirror objective in the form of a paraboloid.

Que 8. Calculate the speed of light in a medium whose critical angle is 45°. Does the critical angle for a given pair of media depend on the wavelength of incident light? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer : Using the snell’s law we have

μ = 1/sin C…..(1)

where, C is the critical angle of the medium and μ is the refractive index of  the medium.

Also, μ = c/v………(2)

Now, from equations (1) and (2), we have


This is the speed of the light in the medium.

Refractive index of a medium is inversely proportional to the wavelength of light. So, critical angle also depends upon the wavelength of incident light.

Que 9. How does the fringe width, in young’s double-slit experiment, change when the distance of separation between the slits and screen is doubled?

Answer : The fringe width is

β = λD/d

If D (distance between slits and screen) is doubled, then fringe width will be doubled.

Follow Below Steps For Better Preparation For Class 12th Physics Board Exam 2022

1. Test yourself by writing regularly

2. Review your errors in question paper

3. Focus on your weak topics and revise them

4. Retake the test again and again

CBSE 12th Physics Sample Paper Chapter-Wise

Maths and Physics With Pandey Sir is a popular website which provides Best sample paper for practice. Central Board of Secondary Education has already done their term 1 examinations for class 10th and 12th, and its results have been announced. Here is the link to the second term’s date sheet, which contains each subject’s exams date subject-wise. The questions of Term 2 are here by subject and in units. The syllabus contains multiple questions and is 50% syllabus in term 1 and 100% syllabus in term 2 exam.

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