CBSE Class 12 Geography Deleted Syllabus For Session 2022-23

This article contains CBSE Class 12 Geography Deleted Syllabus For Session 2022-23. All CBSE Class 12 students need to check it and prepared according to this syllabus for comming board examination 2023.

It is very important for those student who are preparing for CBSE Class 12 Geography Questions Paper, They must know about actual syllabus for session 2022-23.

From last few years there is reduction in actual syllabus from last year due to COVID -19 disturbances. So it is very important for all CBSE Class 12 students to know actual syllabus of Geography for session 2022-23.

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This post contains Chapter and Topics Wise deleted portions from syllabus which will not be asked in comming board examination 2022-23. Every student must check it and make sure preparation according to this syllabus.

CBSE Class 12 Geography Student can also visit at office website or Maths And Physics With Pandey Sir website for actual syllabus by NCERT.

Now You can check a list of deleted topics from each unit and chapter which are given below.

A Fundamentals of Human GeographyUnit 2: PeoplePopulation Composition
 Unit 3: Human Activitiespeople engaged in secondary activities –
some examples from selected countries
 Unit 5: Human settlements Whole chapter deleted
B India: People and EconomyUnit 6: PeopleMigration Human development Population,
environment and development
 Unit 8: Resources and DevelopmentIndustries
C Practical WorkData analysis and generation of diagrams,
graphs and other visual diagrams using computers
Field visit and study
CBSE Class 12 Geography Deleted Syllabus For Session 2022-23
Fundamentals of Human Geography
UNIT Number TOPIC Name
Unit-3 Chp. 5 to 7Primary Activities: Major areas of Mediterranean agriculture of the World Secondary Activities:
Ruhr region, Silicon Valley,
Appalachian region, Great lakesregion
Unit – 5 Chp. 10 Mega cities of the world –
Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, Mumbai, Saopaulo
CBSE Class 12 Geography Deleted Syllabus For Session 2022-23
India – People and Economy (Map Items for locating and labelling only on the outline political map of India)
UNIT Number TOPIC Name
Units – 6 & 7 Chp. 1 to 4One state with highest level of HDI & One lowest level of HDI One out migrating state
One in migrating state
Unit – 8 Chp. 5 TO 9 Leading producing states of (C) Jowar Iron and Steel Plants Cotton Textile
Software Technology Parks
CBSE Class 12 Geography Deleted Syllabus For Session 2022-23

CBSE Class 12 Students can check Geography sample question paper for session 2022-23 to get an idea about questions which will be asked form the theory and map portions of CBSE Class 12 geography.

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