Common Forces In Mechanics

In mechanics we encounter several kinds of forces.

(I) Non-Contact Force

The gravitational force is all pervasive. Every object on the earth experience the force of gravity due to Earth. It is a non-contact force.

(II) Contact Force

A contact force on an object arises due to contact with some other object solid, liquid or fluid.

Example: Book resting on a table, friction force etc.

Contact force also arise when solids are in contact with fluids.

Example: A solid immersed in a fluid, Viscous Force (In fluid) etc.

Other common forces are tension in the string and force due to spring.

Tension Force

When a body of mass m is fastened with the string, then the weight of the body acts downward, while a force acts just opposite to the downward Force for balancing the downwards force. This force is called tension.

Tension, T = mg

where, T = Tension of the spring

Tension Force
Tension Force
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