Drawbacks of Rutherford’s Model

Rutherford’s model suffers to major drawbacks.

1. Stability of Atom: According to Maxwell, an accelerated charged particles emits radiation(energy). In Rutherford Model of atom, electrons are moving in circular orbits, Thus having centripetal acceleration. So electrons should emits radiation and ultimate lose energy and pulled into nucleus and atom would not be stable.

So Rutherford cannot explain stability of atom.

2. Rutherford Model does not say anything about the electronic structure of atom. i.e How electrons are distributed around the nucleus and what are the energies of these electrons.

3. He was unable to explain about atomic spectra that means when a white light is passing through atom it divides into 7 colours(VIBGYOR), he was unable to explain about this spectra.

In details we will study latter in Bohr’s model about this spectra.

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