General Knowledge (GK) 2024 – For All Competitive Exams

Q.1 The upper house of Indian Parliament is known as –

* The Rajya Sabha

Q.2 Which is the house where the Chairperson is not the member of that house

* Rajya Sabha

Q.3 The first mid-term elections for Lok Sabha were held in –

* 1971

Q.4 Which is the largest state in terms of area –

* Rajasthan

Q.5 Finance bill of Indian Government is presented in –

* Lower House

Q.6 The Chairperson of the Lok Sabha is designated as –

* Speaker

Q.7 Which is the biggest union territory in India by area –

* Jammu and Kashmir

Q.8 Which states has only one member of the Lok Sabha –

* Sikkim

Q.9 Which Indian state had the first woman Chief Minister –

* Uttar Pradesh

Q.10 Who appoints the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir –

* The President of India

Q.11 Which is the highest populated union territory in India –
* Delhi

Q.12 Who has the right to transfer any case anywhere in India –

* Supreme Court

Q.13 The Contingency Fund of the State is operated by –

* Governor of the State

Q.14 The First women Airline pilot –

* Durga Banerjee

Q.15 Who is the father of the Indian constitution –

* Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Q.16 How many fundamental rights are there in Indian constitution –

* Six

Q.17 Father of Indian space program –

* Vikram Sarabhai

Q.18 City of festivals –

* Madurai

Q.19 Queen of Arabian sea –

* Cochin

Q.20 Silicon city of India –

* Bangalore

Q.21 Instrument used for recording & origin of intensity of earthquakes

* Seismograph

Q.22 Wake up India book was written by –

* Annie Besant

Q.23 First Bank in India to Introduce Talking ATMs for disabled persons –

* Union Bank of India

Q.24 First Bank in India listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) –

* ICICI Bank

Q.25 First Joint Stock Bank of India –

* Allahabad Bank

Q.26 First Asian to receive Nobel prize –

* Rabindranath Tagore

Q.27 Southern Railway is headquartered at –

* Secunderabad

Q.28 The highest producer of milk in the world is –

* India

Q.29 The first woman chief justice of the high court of India –

* Leila Seth

Q.30 Who is known as The Iron Man of India

* Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

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