JEE Grand Master Package (Maths, Physics and Chemistry)

In this post I have provided JEE Complete study materials in one article. All of you can download these study materials for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. JEE Mains and Advanced exam is one of the most important exams. This exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) with multiple attempts in a year. So, this article is very important for those students who want to complete all subjects for JEE Mains and Advanced in one article.

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As per the new pattern released by National Testing Agency (NTA), this exam consists of both MCQ type and integer type questions. As we know only Few days are left for JEE Main 2022 exam. So we have provided FIITJEE for JEE 2022 and 2023. FIITJEE for JEE 2022 & 2023 – Download in PDF is available here.

This websites also provides sample question papers for the JEE Main and Advanced which are asked previously and it is very important for the student who are preparing for the JEE main and advanced examination 2022 and 2023.

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JEE Grand Master Package
JEE Grand Master Package

Given Below Are The JEE Mains and Advanced All In One Package (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) Study Materials Chapter Wise With Their Respective Download Links.

Study Materials For Physics

Chapters NameDownload Links 
1. Kinematics PDF Download
2. Laws of MotionPDF Download
3. Work Energy & PowerPDF Download
4. Conservation of MomentumPDF Download
5. Rotational MechanicsPDF Download
6. GravitationPDF Download
7. Fluid MechanicsPDF Download
8. Elasticity And WavesPDF Download
9. Simple Harmonic MotionPDF Download
10. Heat & ThermodynamicsPDF Download
11. ElectrostaticsPDF Download
12. Current ElectricityPDF Download
13. MagnetismPDF Download
14. Electromagnetic InductionPDF Download
15. OpticsPDF Download
16. Modern Physics & Error AnalysisPDF Download
17. Test YourselfPDF Download
18. SolutionsPDF Download
JEE Mains and Advanced

Study Materials For Chemistry

Chapters NameDownload Links
1. Atomic Structure PDF Download
2. StoichiometryPDF Download
3. Gaseous StatePDF Download
4. Chemical KineticsPDF Download
5. Chemical EquilibriumPDF Download
6. Ionic EquilibriumPDF Download
7. ElectrochemistryPDF Download
8. Solid StatePDF Download
9. Liquid SolutionPDF Download
10. EnergeticsPDF Download
11. Chemical BondingPDF Download
12. General Organic Chemistry & IsomerismPDF Download
13. Electrophilic Aromatic SubstitutionPDF Download
14. HydrocarbonsPDF Download
15. Alkyl And Aryl HalidesPDF Download
16. Alcohol Ether And PhenolPDF Download
17. Aldehyde & KetonePDF Download
18. Carboxylic Acid & Its DerivativesPDF Download
19. AminesPDF Download
20. Carbohydrates Amino Acids & PolymersPDF Download
21. Practical Organic ChemistryPDF Download
22. Coordination CompoundsPDF Download
23. Preparation And Properties of CompoundsPDF Download
24. Ores And MetallurgyPDF Download
25. Concepts of Acids & BasesPDF Download
26. Qualitative AnalysisPDF Download
27. Test YourselfPDF Download
28. SolutionsPDF Download
JEE Mains and Advanced

Study Materials For Maths

Chapters NameDownload Links
1. Functions PDF Download
2. Limit Continuity And DifferentiabilityPDF Download
3. Application of DerivativesPDF Download
4. Indefinite IntegralsPDF Download
5. Definite IntegralsPDF Download
6. AreaPDF Download
7. Differential EquationPDF Download
8. Straight LinesPDF Download
9. CirclePDF Download
10. ParabolaPDF Download
11. EllipsePDF Download
12. HyperbolaPDF Download
13. Three Dimensional GeometryPDF Download
14. Quadratic EquationsPDF Download
15. Progression & SeriesPDF Download
16. Binomial TheoremPDF Download
17. Permutation & CombinationPDF Download
18. ProbabilityPDF Download
19. Complex NumbersPDF Download
20. MatricesPDF Download
21. Determinants And Linear EquationsPDF Download
22. VectorsPDF Download
23. Trigonometric Ratios And IdentitiesPDF Download
24. Trigonometric EquationsPDF Download
25. Solution of TrianglesPDF Download
26. Test YourselfPDF Download
27. SolutionsPDF Download
JEE Mains and Advanced
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