JEE Mains and Advanced Maths Revision Assignment

JEE Mains & Advanced 2022| Mathematics Revision Assignment With Solution

In This Post I Have Provided JEE Mains and Advanced Maths Revision Assignment With Solutions for 2022. By Practicing these JEE Mains and Advanced Maths Assignment It will help candidates to understand the exam pattern of JEE Mains and Advanced in a better way in the terms of good scoring.

This Site always strive to provide a new and unique way of learning to the student and set a high standard for others resource. Let us have a look at how a student can improve their percentile in JEE Mains and Advanced Maths exam 2022.

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Also Read: JEE Mains and Advanced Maths Study Materials

About JEE Mains Exam 2022

JEE Mains exam is a multi-session exam and also computer based test which is conducted by the the authorised IITs colleges for the admission of the top institute in the country such as the IITs.

In India JEE Mains exam was conducted in 13 languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, odiya, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, Kannada and Bengali as per the education ministry of India.

The national testing agency (NTA) now has decided to conduct the JEE mains exam in this year in April and May only but now it will held in june and July 2022. That means all candidates will be get only 2 attempt to qualify the JEE Mains exam 2022.

Last year all student got 4 attempts to qualify the JEE Mains 2021, which is now reduced by the NTS and has now cut it down to qualify in only 2 attempts.

JEE Mains and Advanced Maths
JEE Mains and Advanced Maths

JEE Mains 2022 Date

NTA will be announce the actual exam dates for the JEE Mains on his official website. The exam will be conducted in june and July 2022. All students need to go on official website for the actual date for the examination.

JEE Mains Syllabus

JEE Mains paper 1 consists of mainly three subjects physics, chemistry and maths. For more about the JEE Mains syllabus you can visit on JEE mains official website You can also visit on Maths and Physics With Pandey Sir website for more details.

Given Below Are The JEE Mains and Advanced Maths Topics Name With Their Respective Download Links Containing Study Materials.

Chapters NameDownload Links
1. Vector + 3-D Click Here
2. Complex NumberClick Here
3. ProbabilityClick Here
4. Conic SectionClick Here
5. AODClick Here
6. II & DIClick Here
7. DE And AUCClick Here
8. Determinant and MatrixClick Here
9. Function & ITFClick Here
10. LCD + MODClick Here
11. St. Line + CircleClick Here
12. Binomial Theorem, P & CClick Here
13. SOT and Sequence SeriesClick Here
14. Quadratic Equation + Basic MathsClick Here

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