Latest Current Affairs Questions and Answers 2024

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in terms of Current Affairs. With the global pandemic still raging on, the world is facing a multitude of challenges and changes. The economic impact of COVID-19 has been felt across all industries, leading to job losses and financial struggles for many. The political landscape is also undergoing significant shifts, with countries facing internal conflicts and external tensions.

Climate change continues to be a pressing issue, with extreme weather events and natural disasters becoming more frequent.

In 2024, it is likely that the world will see further advancements in technology, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, automation, and renewable energy.

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The role of social media and its influence on society will also continue to be a topic of discussion. As we enter the new year, it is clear that there are numerous challenges that lie ahead, but it is also a time for hope and resilience as we work towards building a better future for all.

Current Affairs 2024
Current Affairs 2024

Latest Current Affairs 2024 With Answers

Question 1. Where CES 2024 event held?
Answer. January 9–12, 2024, in Las Vegas.

Question 2. What is the name of the new scheme launched by the Indian government to revive wetlands and mangroves?
Answer. Amrit Dharohar

Question 3. Who has been appointed as the new Chief of the Indian Air Force?
Answer. Vivek Ram Chaudhari.

Question 4. Who has been appointed as the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?
Answer. Shaktikanta Das

Question 5. What is the name of the new space telescope launched by NASA?
Answer. James Webb Space Telescope

Question 6. What is the name of the new vaccine developed by the Indian government to combat COVID-19?
Answer. ZyCoV-D

Question 7. Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, recently seen in news, is located in which state?
Answer. Tamil Nadu

Question 8. Who heads the RBI?
Answer. Governor

Question 9. Who created Bitcoin?
Answer. Satoshi Nakamoto

Question 10. What is the currency of India?
Answer. Rupee

Question 11. Barsana Biogas Project, which was seen in the news, is situated in which state?
Answer. Uttar Pradesh

Question 12. Where is India’s Silicon Valley located?
Answer. Bangalore

Question 13. India’s space agency acronym?
Answer. ISRO

Question 14. Chamayavilakku festival, recently seen in news, is associated with which state?
Answer. Kerala

Question 15. Premier tech institute in India?
Answer. IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology)

Question 16. What is the highest mountain peak in Indian Subcontinent?
Answer. Mount Everest

Question 17. Which state of India recently witnessed the ‘Swell waves’?
Answer. Kerala

Question 18. Recently, who has taken over as president of industry body ASSOCHAM for 2024-25? Answer. Sanjay Nayar

Question 19. What is the longest river in India?
Answer. River Ganga

Question 20. What is the largest lake in India?
Answer. Wular Lake

Question 21. What is the most populous state in India?
Answer. Uttar Pradesh

Question 22. What is the least populous state in India?
Answer. Sikkim

Question 23. What is the theme of World Autism Awareness Day 2024?
Answer. Empowering Autistic

Question 24. What is the richest state in India?
Answer. Maharashtra

Question 25. What is the poorest state in India?
Answer. Bihar

Question 26. What is the most literate state in India?
Answer. Kerala

Question 27. What is the least developed state in India?
Answer. Uttar Pradesh

Question 28. “Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril” (Come Look for You, In Your Village) scheme, recently seen in the news, is launched by which state?
Answer. Tamil Nadu

Question 29. Which Union Ministry implemented the ‘Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0 scheme’, recently seen in the news?
Answer. Ministry of Women and Child Development

Question 30. What is the current exchange rate of the Indian rupee to the US dollar?
Answer. 77.83 INR/USD

Question 31. What is the current inflation rate in India?
Answer. 6.7%

Question 32. What is the current unemployment rate in India?
Answer. 7.8%

Question 33. What is the current GDP of India?
Answer. 10.4 trillion USD

Question 34. What is Full Form of CAT exam ?
Answer. Common Admission Test

Question 35. One Vehicle One FASTag’ initiative, recently in news, is launched by which organization?
Answer. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

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