NCERT Books For Class 10 Science Updated for 2023-24

NCERT Book Class 10 Science for Session 2023-24

NCERT Class 10 Science Book 2023-24 is available in this article in PDF form. This book is specially designed for CBSE Class 10 Science students for session 2023-24. This book is provided by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) which can easily download at here.

This year, like the last few years, NCERT has reduced its syllabus by about 30%, thus if we talk about NCERT Class 10th Science Book for session 2023-24, then about 30% of the syllabus has also been removed, that is, now the students have to refer this book. You have to prepare for board exam according to new syllabus 2023-24 with the help of this New book.

NCERT Books For Class 10 Science Updated for 2023-24
NCERT Books For Class 10 Science Updated for 2023-24
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Class 10 NCERT books 2023-24

NCERT Books for Class 10 Science 2023-24

NCERT Class 10 Science Book PDF 2023-24 can be Download from here. This book is very important for board exam as well as for many competitive exams also. This book is specially designs such a way that CBSE class 10 science student and easily understand it and can make better preparation for their board examination.

At Maths And Physics With Pandey Sir website You can also download other books pdf updated for 2023-24. This website provide a lot of free study material and many more book absolutely free of cost for board examination and also for many competitive examination.

NCERT Class 10 Science syllabus is a very interesting that is why it is high-scoring subject for any board exams. Class 10 Science helps you to build your base in science subject in the higher classes like 11th, 12th. If you make command in Science, then you can score high not only in your board examination but also in various government competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NDA, IIT, AIEEE, UPSC, Railway etc.

Overview and Reason Of Reduction of NCERT Class 10 Science Books 2023-24

Contents of the textbooks have been rationalised in view of the following:

  • Overlapping with similar content included in other subject areas in the
    same class
  • Similar content included in the lower or higher class in the same subject
  • Difficulty level
  • Content, which is easily accessible to students without much
    interventions from teachers and can be learned by children through
    self-learning or peer-learning
  • Content, which is irrelevant in the present context
    This present edition, is a reformatted version after carrying ou

NCERT Books For Class 10 Science 2023-24 Chapter-Wise

Giving below are CBSE class 10 science updated book PDF for session 2023-24 with their respective download links containing study materials.

NCERT Class 10 Science Chapters NameDownload Links
PrelimsPDF Link
1. Chemical Reaction And EquationsPDF Link
2. Acids, Bases and SaltsPDF Link
3. Mentals and NonmetalsPDF Link
4. Carbons and It’s CompoundsPDF Link
5. Periodic Classification of ElementsPDF Link
6. Life ProcessesPDF Link
7. Control and CoordinationPDF Link
8. How to Organisms ReproducePDF Link
9. Heredity and EvolutionPDF Link
10. Light Reflection and RefractionPDF Link
11. Human Eye and Colourful WorldPDF Link
12. ElectricityPDF Link
13. Magnetic Effect of Electric CurrentPDF Link
Answer SheetPDF Link
Download NCERT books for class 10 Science 2023-24

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