Scientific Names of The Most Common Animals, Birds And Plants

Common Animals, Birds and Plants Names With Their Scientific Names

Scientific names, also known as binomial nomenclature, are a standardized system used to classify and identify living organisms based on their shared characteristics. These names consist of two parts, the genus and species, and are written in Latin or derived from Latin words.

Common Animals, Birds and Plants Names With Their Scientific Names
Common Animals, Birds and Plants Names With Their Scientific Names

The use of scientific names was introduced by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus in the 18th century to provide a universal naming system for all living organisms. This system has been adopted by scientists globally and has greatly aided in the organization and understanding of the vast diversity of life on Earth.

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Scientific names allow for clear communication among scientists, avoiding confusion caused by the use of common names that vary between languages and regions. They also provide a way to identify and study species, even if their common names differ.

Additionally, scientific names often provide information about an organism’s evolutionary relationships and can help determine their characteristics and behavior. Overall, scientific names play a crucial role in the study of biology and serve as an essential tool for scientists to classify, name, and understand the vast array of living organisms on our planet.

Given Below Are Most Common Scientific Names Of Animals, Birds and Plants.

1. What is the scientific name of human being?

Answer -> Homo sapiens

2. What is the scientific name of frog?

Answer -> Rana tigrina

3. What is the scientific name of cat?

Answer -> Felis domestica

4. What is the scientific name of rat?

Answer -> Rattus

5. What is the scientific name of lizard?

Answer -> Lacertilia

7. Scientific name of dog?

Answer -> Canis familiars

8. Scientific name of cow?

Answer ->Bos indicus

9. Scientific name of cat?

Answer -> Felis catus

10. Scientific name of buffalo?

Answer -> Bubalus buvalis

11. Scientific name of bull?

Answer -> Bos primigenius taurus

12. Scientific name of pig?

Answer -> Suscruca domestica

13. Scientific name of lion?

Answer -> Panthera leo

14. Scientific name of tiger?

Answer-> Panthera tigris

15. Scientific name of cheetah?

Answer ->Panthera picus

16. Scientific name of bear?

Answer -> Ursus matitimus carnivorus

17. Scientific name of rabbit?

Answer -> Oryctolagus cuniculus

18. Scientific name of deer?

Answer- Cervus elaphus

19. Scientific name of camel?

Answer-> Camelus commodorius

20. Scientific name of fox?

Answer-> Canidae

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