English Class 12 Term 2: Important Questions With Answers

CBSE English Class 12 Term-2 2022: Most Important Questions with Their Answers

In this Article I have provided CBSE Class 12 Term 2 English Core most Important questions for Board exam 2022. All The students of class 12th are now in the last lap of their preparation for board exam.

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Here all of you can check the most important questions from the class 12 English Core Prose which are part of the syllabus. All the questions below would be helpful for the revision before going to exams and have been asked in previous years. This is why these questions are very important as CBSE is known to repeat these questions.

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Given Below Are The CBSE English Class 12 Term 2 Chapter Wise Questions With Their Answers

Book-Flamingo (Prose)

Chapter Name- The Rattrap

Que 1. Why did the peddler sign himself as Captain von Stahle? (All India 2009)

Answer. Edla Willmansson had been rather nice to the peddler and had treated him with the honour that was due to a Captain. The peddler, through this mistaken identity, got an opportunity to raise himself and get above the petty temptations of the world. So he signed himself as Captain von Stahle.

Que 2. Why did the peddler think that the world was a rattrap? (All India 2009)

Answer. The peddler considered the whole world as a big rattrap, its sole purpose being to set baits for people. The joys and riches of this world are nothing but tempting baits and anyone who is tempted by them was captured by the rattrap which completely closed in on him.

Que 3. Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler? (All India 2010)

Answer. Edla was happy to see the gift left by the peddler as he had respected her faith in him. Edla had retained him in her house even after knowing his real identity and he, in turn, had shown her that the guest she had honoured was as honourable as the Captain. The latent goodness of his heart had been awakened and he had been able to overcome the bait of the rattrap.

Que 4. How was the peddler treated at the crofter’s cottage? (Comptt. All India 2010)

Answer. At the crofter’s cottage the peddler was welcomed warmly and received generous hospitality. The crofter was an old and lonely man and the prospect of getting the peddler’s company overjoyed him. So he poured all his warmth and friendly courtesy on the peddler.

Que 5. Why was the peddler surprised when he knocked on the door of the cottage? (All India 2011)

Answer. At the crofter’s cottage the peddler was welcomed warmly and received generous hospitality. The crofter was an old and lonely man and the prospect of getting the peddler’s company overjoyed him. So he poured all his warmth and friendly courtesy on the peddler.

Que 6. Why did the peddler decline the invitation of the ironmaster? (Delhi 2012)

Answer. The peddler declined the ironmaster’s invitation because he had the stolen thirty kronors on him. He feared that he would be caught there for stealing the crofter’s money. For the peddler going to the manor house of the ironmaster would be like throwing himself voluntarily into the lion’s den.

Que 7. Why was the crofter so friendly and talkative with the peddler? (Delhi 2012)

Answer. The crofter was lonely. He lived alone in his cottage without a wife, a child or any companion. Since he suffered from acute loneliness he was extremely happy when he got the peddler’s company. That is why he was so talkative and friendly with the peddler:

Que 8. How did the ironmaster react on seeing the stranger lying close to the furnace? (All India 2012)

Answer. When the iron master saw the stranger lying close to the furnace he walked up to him and looked him over carefully. Mistaking him for an old acquaintance, a comrade from his regiment, he got very excited and invited him to come to his cottage.

Que 9. Why didn’t the stranger tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof? (All India)

Answer. When the ironmaster mistakes the stranger for Captain Nils Olof, an old regimental comrade, the stranger decides not to correct him as hopes to get a couple of kronors from the ironmaster. So he does not want to undeceive him all at once.

Chapter Name- Indigo

Que 1. Why did Gandhiji agree to the planters’ offer of a 25 percent refund to the farmers? (Delhi 2009)

Answer. Gandhiji had asked the indigo planters for a 50 percent refund to the farmers but they offered only 25 percent. Gandhiji still agreed to their offer because for him the amount of the refund was of less importance. More important was the fact that the planters had been forced to surrender part of their rights. So he agreed to their settlement.

Que 2. How did Gandhiji help the peasants of Champaran? (All India 2009)

Answer. At Champaran, the British landlords forced all the tenants to plant 15 per cent of their holding with indigo and then surrender the entire harvest as rent. This increased the misery of the poor tenants. But when synthetic indigo was developed and indigo plantation was no longer profitable, the landlords obtained fresh agreements from sharecroppers to pay them compensation for releasing them from the 15% arrangement. Gandhiji came in at this time and through non-violent civil disobedience he forced the landlords to refund 25 per cent of the compensation money to the peasants.

Que 3. Why did the servants think Gandhiji to be another peasant? (Delhi 2010)

Answer. In Patna, Rajkumar Shukla led Gandhiji to the house of Rajendra Prasad who was a lawyer. The servants knew Shukla as a poor peasant of Champaran who often came to Rajendra Prasad’s house and pestered him to take up the cause of the indigo sharecroppers of Champaran. Since a simple-clad Gandhiji accompanied Shukla the servants mistook him to be another peasant.

Que 4. How were Shukla and Gandhiji received in Rajendra Prasad’s house? (Delhi 2012)

Answer. In Patna Shukla led Gandhiji to the house of a lawyer, Rajendra Prasad. He was out of town but his servants knew Shukla as a poor peasant who pestered Rajendra Prasad (their master) to help the indigo sharecroppers. So he was allowed to stay there with his companion. But Gandhiji was not permitted to draw water from the well lest he be an untouchable and some drops of water from his bucket pollute the entire source.

Que 5. What made Gandhiji demand a 50% refund from the British landlords? (Comptt. Delhi)

Answer. Gandhiji demanded 50% refund from the British landlords in the form of repayment of money which the landlords had illegally and deceitfully extorted from the poor sharecroppers.

Que 6. Why did Gandhiji accept 25 percent compensation? (Comptt. All India 2012)

Answer. Gandhiji had asked the indigo planters for a 50 percent refund to the farmers but they offered only 25 percent. Gandhiji still agreed to their offer because for him the amount of the refund was of less importance. More important was the fact that the planters had been forced to surrender part of their rights. So he agreed to their settlement.

Que 7. “The battle of Champaran is won.” When and why did Gandhiji exclaim this? (Comptt. AI 2012)

Answer. When several prominent lawyers told Gandhiji that they were ready to follow him to jail, Gandhiji exclaimed, “The battle of Champaran is toon”. Gandhiji made this statement because he had been able to shake the lawyers out of their stupor and they were ready to support Gandhiji.

Que 8. Why did Gandhiji feel that taking the Cham-paran case to the court was useless? (Delhi 2014)

Answer. Gandhiji felt taking the Champaran case to the court was useless as taking such cases to the courts did little good. Where the peasants are so crushed and fear-stricken, law courts prove useless. The real relief for these peasants was to be free from fear.

Que 9. What made the Lieutenant Governor drop the case against Gandhiji? (Comptt. All India 2014)

Answer. The Lieutenant Governor was forced to drop the case against Gandhiji because the lawyers had told Gandhiji that they would follow him into jail. So the Lieutenant Governor wrote to the Magistrate ordering him to drop the case against Gandhiji.

Book-Vistas (Prose)

Chapter Name- Should Wizard hit Mommy

Que 1. How did the wizard help Roger Skunk? (All India 2009)

Answer. The wizard asked Roger Skunk what he wanted to smell like. Roger said he wanted to smell like roses. The wizard took his magic wand and chanted a spell and his whole house was full of the smell of roses. Roger also smelt of roses and in this way the wizard helped him by making him get rid of his bad smell.

Que 2. How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end? (All India 2009)

Answer. In the original story Roger’s mommy hits the wizard on the head with an umbrella. So the wizard makes Roger smell bad again. Jo wants the story to end the other way round. She wants the wizard to hit on the head of ‘stupid’ mommy. She holds Roger’s ‘stupid’ mother responsible for making Roger smell bad again and so she wants her to be punished.

Que 3. Why did Jo think Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell? (Delhi 2010)

Answer. Jo thought Roger Skunk was much better off with the new smell because of which he had been able to find so many friends and played with them happily. For her Roger Skunk’s story should have ended on a happy note with his pleasant smell because of which he was accepted by the other creatures as their friend.

Que 4. How did Jo want the wizard to behave when mommy Skunk approached him? (Delhi 2010)

Answer. Jo does not approve of the idea that Skunk’s mother should hit the wizard on his head. She wants infact the wizard to spank stupid mommy when she approaches him as she does not let her son have a new and pleasant smell so that he could befriend the other creatures.

Que 5. How did Roger Skunk pay the wizard? (Comptt. All India 2010)

Answer. The wizard demands seven pennies as fee to make Roger Skunk smell like roses. Skunk has only four pennies. The wizard tells him how and where to find the rest of the three pennies. Roger follows the wizards instructions and finds the three pennies in the magic well and pays the wizard the full amount.

Que 6. Why did Roger Skunk visit the owl? What did the owl advise him? (Comptt. Delhi 2010)

Answer. Roger Skunk visited the owl who was a wise creature to tell him about his pathetic problem and seek his advise on how he could solve it. The wise owl ruminates and advises the Skunk to consult the wizard who was sure to help him overcome his problem.

Chapter Name- On the face Of It

Que 1. What qualities of Mr Lamb attracted Derry to him? (All India 2009)

Answer. Derry suffers from a terrible complex. But his meeting with Mr. Lamb is a turning point in his life. He gives confidence to Derry and encourages him to develop a positive attitude towards life. Derry’s life now has a new meaning and purpose and for this all the credit goes to Mr. Lamb’s motivation and words of encouragement.

Que 2. What did Derry’s mother think of Mr Lamb? (All India 2009)

Answer. Derry’s mother did not think very highly of Mr. Lamb and claimed to have heard not really good things about him. She had been told and warned by people about Mr. Lamb and so she tells Derry not to go back to him. She also tried to hold him back but he does go back to Mr. Lamb.

Que 3. What consolation did people give when they saw his acid burnt face? (Comp. Delhi 2010) 

Answer. Derry’s face was burnt by acid on one side. When people saw Derry’s acid burnt face they tried to console him by telling him fairy tales. They said that it was not important what he looked like. Derry knew that people lied and showed sympathy only to comfort him and that he would not change and would continue to look like a ‘monstrous beast’.

Que 4. Mr. Lamb told Derry the story of a man who hid himself in his room. Why did the man do so and with what result? (Comptt. All India 2010)

Answer. Mr. Lamb told Derry the incident of a timid man who hid himself in his room and refused to come out lest he should meet some fatal accident. But, ironically, he died in his room itself because a picture hanging on the wall fell off it, landed on his head and killed him.

Que 5. Why does Mr. Lamb leave his gate always open? (All India 2011)

Answer. Mr. Lamb always keeps his gate open because he does not mind strangers entering his house, He is an extremely social person and is ever ready to welcome anyone who enters his garden.

Que 6. What peculiar things does Derry notice about the old man, Lamb? (All India 2012)

Answer. Derry thinks that the old man. Mr. Lamb, is peculiar and says peculiar things. Derry notices that although Mr. Lamb talks about his friends he has not seen anyone visiting the old man, who lives all by himself. Even when he asks Mr. Lamb to name his friends, Mr. Lamb fails to give him any name. Mr. Lamb refuses to admit his loneliness. Also he asks Derry questions he does not understand. There are no curtains at the windows in his house. He likes the light and darkness and hears the wind with the window open.

Que 7. Who was Derry? What did he suffer from? (Comptt. Delhi 2012)

Answer. Derry is a complex-ridden fourteen year old boy. He is a victim of inferiority complex after acid accidently spilled and burnt one side of his face. His handicap has filled him with bitterness and so Derry suffers more on account of the pain that his own views of how everyone hates him, causes him.

Que 8. If you were to give a different ending to the story, ‘On The Face of It’ how would you end it? (All India 2013)

Answer. I would rather want the story ‘On the Face of It’ to end with a happy reunion between Mr. Lamb and Derry wherein the two become good friends with one another. Mr. Lamb should continue to influence Derry positively and put him in a position where he is able to befriend others despite his handicap.

Que 9. As told by Mr. Lamb, why did a man lock himself up in his room and what happened to him? (Comptt. Delhi 2013)

Answer. The man locked himself up in his room as he was afraid of everything in this world. So he went into his room and locked the door, got into his bed and stayed there. Finally a picture fell off the wall on to his head and killed him.

Que 10. Why did Mr. Lamb help Derry? (Comptt. All India 2014)

Answer. Mr. Lamb and Derry are united by the bond of loneliness and alienation they share on account of their physical disabilities. Mr. Lamb lost a leg in the war and has a tin leg while Derry has an acid burn on one side of his face. Mr. Lamb inspires Derry by telling him not to focus on the shortcomings of life and his handicap and instead he should try to enjoy the blessings of life. He persuades him to develop a positive attitude and move forward in life.

Chapter Name- Evans Tries an O Level

Que 1. What clues did the answer sheet of Evans provide to the Governor? (Delhi 2009)

Answer. McLeery showed a photocopied sheet to the Governor which had been cleverly superimposed on the last page of the German question paper. The Governor decoded it for Newsbury and by putting together the six figure reference, the index and centre number 313/271 and with the help of the ‘Ordinance Survey Map of Oxfordshire’ he was able to locate Evans in the middle of Chipping Norton. The correction slip provided him with the name of the hotel, ‘The Golden Lion’ where Evans was staying. So Evans was beaten in his own game as he left clues which aided in his arrest. He made things easier as he left the question paper behind in the cell. The clues the Governor got from it were sufficient to help him locate Evans.

Que 2. What did the Detective Superintendent inform the Governor about Evans? (Delhi 2012)

Answer. The Detective Superintendent informed the Governor that McLeery had spotted Evans driving off along Elsfield way. They had got the number of the car alright and had given a chase immediately but had lost him at the Headington roundabout. He assumed that Evans must have doubled back into the city.

Que 3. What were the contents of the small brown suitcase that McLeery carried? (Delhi 2012)

Answer. The small brown suitcase that McLeery carried contained all that he would need for his ‘morning duties’ meaning his invigilation work. It contained the sealed question paper, envelope, a yellow invigilation form, special authentication card etc.

Que 4. How did the Governor find out where Evans was? (Comptt. All India 2012)

Answer. When the Governor finally realised that it was Evans who had gone out with Carter and that he was impersonating McLeery, he thought about the six digit reference number and after putting the two numbers, the index and the centre number together and with the help of the ‘Ordinance Survey Map for Oxfordshire’ the Governor reached the hotel to find Evans.

Que 5. What did the Governor tell the Secretary of the Examination Board about Evans? (Comptt. Delhi 2013)

Answer. The Governor tells the Secretary of the Examination Board that Evans was quite a pleasant sort of person. He was one of the stars at the Christmas concert due to his ability to imitate well-known persons but he was also a congenital kleptomaniac.

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