Relation Among Physics, Technology and Society

The application of knowledge for practical purpose in various field of specialization to invent useful things or to solve the problems is known as Technology.

Thus, we can see that Physics and Technology are inter-dependent to each other. Also physics and Technology both can affect our society directly or indirectly.

There are many example of relation among physics, technology and society. Some of them are follows.

1. The developments of telephone, telegraph enable us to quickly exchange messages between for off places.

2. The discoveries of radio and television have made possible the intentaneous communication with other part of the world.

3. The launching of satellite into space has revolutionised the concept of communication.

4. The development of alternative source of energy is the great importance to the mankind.

5. Microelectronics, lasers, computers, superconductivity and nuclear energy have entirely changed the thinking and the living style of the human beings.

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