Uses of Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter-8|Electromagnetic Waves|NCERT 12th Physics:

Uses of Electromagnetic Waves:

Uses of electromagnetic waves are as follows

1.Radio Wave:- (I) These waves are used in in amplitude modulation(AM).

(II) These are used in frequency modulation(FM)

(III) These are used in cell phones

(IV) These are used in television broadcasting(TV)

2.Microwave:- (I) These are used in cooking purpose in microwave

(II) These are used in RADAR system for aircraft navigation

(III) These are used to measure the speed of vehicle, speed of cricket ball etc.

3.Infrared Wave:- (I) These are used in physical therapy.

(II) These are used in solar water heater, solar cell and cooker.

(III) These are used in weather forecasting.

(IV) These are used in satellite for army purpose.

4.Visible Rays:- (I) To see things and this beautiful world.

(II) To move screen in cinema hall

(III) To find stuff to eat

5.Ultraviolet Rays:- (I) These are used in burglar alarm

(II) These are used in checking mineral samples.

(III) To kill germs in minerals

(IV) To sterlise surgical instrument

6.X-Rays:- (I) To detect fractured bones

(II) These are used at Metro Station to detect metal or explosive material.

(III) To cure skin diseases.

(IV) These are used in scientific research.

7.Gamma Rays:- (I) In treatment of cancer and tumor

(II) These are used to produce nuclear reaction

(III) These are used in food industry to kill micro organism.

(IV) To know about structure of atomic nucleus

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