Various Terms Related to Magnetism

Various Terms Related to Magnetism:

Magnetic Intensity(H):- The capacity of magnetic field to magnetize the substance is measured in terms of magnetic intensity of the field.


Intensity of Magnetisation(I):- The intensity of magnetization of a magnetized substance represent the degree to which the substances magnetized.



Magnetic Induction(B):- It is defined as the number of magnetic lines of induction crossing per unit area normally through the magnetic substance.

Magnetic induction B is the sum of the magnetic field B₀ and the magnetic field μ⁰I produced due to the magnetization of the substance.



Magnetic Susceptibility:- It is the measure of how easily a substance is magnetized in the magnetising field. It is a ratio of the intensity of magnetisation to the magnetic intensity.



Magnetic Permeability:- It is a measure of conduction of magnetic field lines through a substance.
The magnetic permeability of a magnetic substance is defined as the ratio of the magnetic induction to the magnetic intensity.


Relative Magnetic Permeability:- It is the ratio of the magnetic permeability of the substance to the permeability of free space.



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