Important 2 Marks Questions For CBSE Class 12 Geography

CBSE 12th Geography Term-2 2022: 2 Marks Important Questions With Answers

In this post I have provided CBSE Class 12 Geography Term-2, 2 Marks Important Questions with answers. As every student know CBSE will conduct Term-2 Geography subject Board Exam for class 12 on 18th May 2022. All students need to Check here for additional 2 marks important questions which are given below and solve before going for your CBSE Class 12 Term 2 board exam 2022.

Given below are the CBSE class 12th Geography 2 marks important questions with their answer.

Que 1. What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about?

Answer: The first public railway line was opened in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington in Northern England.

Que 2. Which region of Russia exhibits a very dense network of roadways? Industrialized part of west Russia

Answer: In Russia, a dense highway network is developed in the industrialized region west of the Urals with Moscow as the hub.

Que 3. What is Stuart highway?

Answer: The Trans-Continental Stuart highway connects Darwin (north coast) and Melbourne via Tennant Creek and Alice Springs in Australia.

Que 4. What is orient Express?

Answer: This line runs from Paris to Istanbul passing through Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade. The journey time from London to Istanbul by this Express is now reduced to 96 hours as against 10 days by the sea-route.

Que 5. Write two inland waterways of North America?

Answer: Mississippi, Potomac.

Que 6. Which two cities are connected by channel tunnel?

Answer: Paris – London

Que 7. Name the famous petroleum pipeline which connects the oil wells of the Gulf of Mexico to the North-Eastern states of the USA? 

Answer: Big Inch.

Que 8. Which are the two regions of the world having a very dense network of airways and railways? 

Answer: Airways : Eastern U.S.A., Western Europe

Railways : East Central U.S.A. and Southern Canada

Que 9. What is satellite Communication? 

Answer: Communication through satellites which emerged as a new area in communication technology is called satellite communication.

Que 10. Which two factors contribute to the growth of Railways? 

Answer: Geographical factor and Economic factor

Que 11. Why is Road transport better than rail transport? 

Answer: Road transport is considered better than rail transport because:

(i) Construction and maintenance is cheaper than railways.
(ii) Road transport provides door to door services.
(iii) Roads can be constructed over undulating terrain.

Que 12. What are the disadvantages of Air Transport?

Answer: Disadvantages –

1. Costly, not within reach of poor people.
2. It is also expensive to maintain aircraft as well as the airports.
3. It’s operation dependent on the weather conditions.
4. Construction of airports is limited by certain physical constrains.

Que 13. List the factors which affect inland water transport?

Answer: The development of inland waterways is dependent on the following factors:
(i) Navigability, width and depth of the channel
(ii) Continuity in the water flow
(iii) Transport technology in use

Que 14. Suggest measures to overcome the urban transport problem? 


  • Mass rapid transit (MRT)
  • Improved public bus service
  • Expressways
  • Car pool
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